Thursday 11 January 2018

Simply the Best Travel Neck Pillow for Long Haul Flights

BCOZZY neck PillowHaving made too many long haul flights to count I decided to see if there really was a travel neck pillow out there that would do what it was supposed to. So many travel neck pillows appear to have strong selling points but then when you’re stuck up in the air trying to nap sitting up they push your head forward, or let your chin drop, or they’re too firm, or not firm enough – I could go on but I won’t.

I discovered the BCOZZY travel neck pillow quite by chance and there were several things that I immediately liked about the design

It’s narrower at the back rather than being the same width all the way round.

It wraps in front so your chin can’t drop forward

It’s a normal size neck pillow but it can be wrapped into a small size to put in your carry on bag.

It has a strap so you can attach it to your cabin bag.

Like all of these things the proof in the pudding is in the eating – so I had this with me on my trip to Dallas from London this Monday. I don’t find it easy to sleep on planes, let alone sitting up, but amazingly I slept soundly using this neck pillow. Non of that constant re-adjustment to get comfortable. No having to change it from one side to another, no chin droop. Just soft support keeping my head in place and in comfort.

Quite simply this is the best neck pillow I have ever tried and obviously you don’t just have to use it for flights, but for long train journeys, car trips and coach rides too. Please don’t try to pinch mine – kids are you listening? - I suggest you get your own before your next trip. I promise you won’t regret it.

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