Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Easiest To Do List App from Shopping Lists to Task Managing - Updated

I originally wrote this post about Wunderlist, who informed me that they were shortly to become Microsoft To Do.  I immediately switched over so that's what I'm writing about today, having done some research on the other list management apps out there and finding the alternatives wanting for various reasons such as being over complicated and wanting £££.  All I want is the simplest app going for keeping lists of things safe and updatable.

For anyone who likes to stay organised – and particularly natural list makers like me, - Microsoft To Do is an incredibly useful app which really does make life easier. I use it every day, several times every day. It’s my go-to to do list app and it couldn’t be simpler to use which is why I like it so much. So ditch the notebooks and scraps of paper and give this a try.  It's not high tech, it's as easy as can be, and so absolutely useful.

Firstly you can download it on your Windows PC, Mac Laptop, iPad and iPhone, Android device (and more) and it will sync across all your devices wirelessly. So wherever you are you’ll have your lists.

Then you can create as many lists as you want, a packing list for your next trip, shopping list for today, things you need to do urgently etc etc – and keep them all in one place, updating whenever you need to.  The app doesn’t delete items totally when you tick them, it stores them within each list you’ve created so you can just restore completed items, un-tick them and return them ‘to do’. This is helpful if you make regular business trips or you shop for the same things each time.

Use the built in alert system to send you an alarm when you need to be reminded to do something. Just click on an individual item then set up a ‘due date reminder’. You can also add extra notes.

The new addition the Wunderlist creators made to Microsoft To Do was to create a 'front page' called 'My Day', into which, at the start of each day, you put the things you really want to accomplish that day.  If you don't get everything done you receive any non completed items as suggestions for the following day.  Or you can delete them.  I confess I haven't started using this feature properly yet but I use the app and the basic features every day.

This is an indispensable, easy to use list maker and it’s free. What more could you ask for?