Sunday, 14 January 2018

Snow Clothes for Freezing Days–How to Keep Warm and Dry When it’s Seriously Cold Outside - Updated

Whether you’re just heading out to the gym for a fitness session, to the store, to walk the dogs or just for coffee, the weather at this time of year can be seriously freezing.  I find that layers are the only answer for keeping toasty warm, you can always take one off if you find yourself getting hot. Wherever you live you’re going to have days if not weeks when it’s freezing cold, snow or not.  And yes that even applies in Texas, where I am at the moment, where it’s been well below freezing for the past week or so.  And any thoughts of fashion go out of the window... it's all about staying warm

However many layers you already have, with all the new tech versions of, for example, your favourite thermal top, padded jacket or winter gloves a little update never comes amiss.  And this is the perfect time to buy – there are loads, almost certainly, of cold days ahead requiring many layers of different kinds, so take a look on what’s offer, some will be on sale, and some not.

Firstly you need a good base layer, something preferably thin and technical to wear under everything else.  I particularly like Uniqlo’s exceptionally well priced Heattech collection here.
Merino Thermal Base Layer TopUniqlo Heattech Crew Neck Long Sleeved T-ShirtPeter Storm Long Sleeved Thermal CrewIcebreaker Siren Long Sleeved Baselayer Top
Then add an extra layer if it’s really cold.  I like something that covers my neck, I know that some don’t, but the difference in heat retention is huge.

Nike Hyperwarm Stretch TurtleneckUniqlo Heattech Turtleneck TopNike stretch knit baselayer turtle neck topToni Taylor Sports Top
Then if you’re still chilly add a fleece jacket.  These three layers on their own will give you enough heat for most weather as long as you’re active, although if you’re like me and you hate being cold you’ll add a sleeveless down vest.  I’m rarely to be seen without mine in winter – they keep your body warm and leave your arms free. 

Craghoppers Jasmine Fleece JacketThe North Face Full Zip Fleece HoodyThe North Face Glacier Full Zip Jacketjack Wolfskin Caribou Full Zip Fleece
Uniqlo Ultra Light Down VestPerfect Moment Quilted Down VestHelly Hansen Down VestMountain Equipment Down Vest
For anything seriously outdoors for any length of time in the winter freeze you’ll need a padded jacket.  My favourites are those that you can wear in town, on the slopes and walking the dogs.  Make sure whatever you buy can take your fleece underneath it.  It shouldn’t be so tight you can’t wear other layers. 
Protest Valdez JacketRAB Microlight JacketJames Perse Quilted Shell Down JacketRAB Womens Nebula Hooded Jacket
Where accessories are concerned, and if there’s ice and snow and frost about, nothing does the job as well as proper snow boots designed with thick ridged rubber soles, and ski gloves.  Wool gloves don’t work when it’s a) very cold and/or b) wet.  No good for snowball fights either.  And sheepskin gloves, which I love, are lovely and warm until you do get into a snowball fight and discover that they too can get damp.  What you need is a pair of insulated ski gloves which will keep you dry whatever you do.
Sorel Short Laced Snow BootsHi Tec Snow BootMoon Boot Faux Fur Trimmed Snow BootColumbia Omni Heat Waterproof Boot
The North Face eTip GlovesRAB Powerstretch Grip GlovesMontane Prism GlovesJack Wolfskin Stormlock High Loft Gloves
Finally on to ski pants.  It’s unlikely you’re going to invest in a pair of these unless you’ll be heading for the slopes soon or live somewhere where the white stuff is the rule, not the Womens Softshell Snow Pantsexception. 

Having said that, I have an old pair of softshell ski pants too big for me now which I keep because they are the only trousers which keep me totally dry in the snow.  If you’re heading off to the slopes, or fed up with cold wet jeans/pants/leggings, then try a pair of these….

I love the snow, but it’s only enjoyable when you have the right gear.  Slip sliding around and getting cold and wet are just not an option.  Seriously.

And these will all make great gifts for anyone you know who’s going skiing sometime soon.  Ski gear is expensive, particularly when you need the whole kit.