Friday, 15 December 2017

Sheepskin Gloves and Mittens for the Warmest of Hands–and where you can still find them right now.

KJ Beckett Dents Toscana Trim Mittens
There appears to have been a run on sheepskin gloves and mittens, it’s not surprising when you think of it, they’re the the ultimate gloves for keeping your hands warm throughout winter. 

Having looked at most of the places you would expect to find them they’re mostly sold out so if you’re looking for a pair of sheepskin gloves or mittens for yourself right now or for a gift – in which case you want them quickly, here are the places to shop.  Preferably today, as there’s no guarantee they’ll be there in a day or so.

Nordvek Sheepskin GlovesPure Sheepskin Sheepskin GlovesThe Fabulous Fleece Company Sheepskin Gloves with Turnback Cuffs
KJ Beckett have gorgeous Toscana cuff mittens in dark brown – totally luxurious in small, medium and large, they also have men’s sheepskin mittens in black.

Pure Sheepskin have a variety of sheepskin and lambskin gloves for men and women, both of which will keep your hands superbly warm.  There’s quite a wide choice here.

Nordvek (via Amazon) have extremely reasonably priced sheepskin gloves.  I have bought these in the past and they’ve been excellent so have a look and see what’s available colourwise and in the size you want.

The Fabulous Fleece Company actually have their sheepskin gloves on Sale and have both black and brown in most sizes – go there at speed if you want them in time for Christmas.

Tommy Tou Sheepskin Gloves – again via Amazon – come in various colours including a gorgeous grey.  Most sizes are available.

Snugrugs Sheepskin GlovesTommy Tou Sheepskin Gloves in Gift BoxDents Men's Sheepskin Gloves at KJ Beckett
Simons Leather have gorgeous sheepskin mittens in brown which are sized small, medium and large. These are very good value.

You’ll find sheepskin mittens also at Tommy Tou in a selection of colours.

Snugrugs have deep brown sheepskin gloves with a fold back cuff.

Mens Sheepskin Mittens by DentsTommy Tou Sheepskin MittensSimons Leather Sheepskin Mittens
I never think it’s worth spending a small fortune on a ‘designer’ pair of sheepskin gloves.  Gloves, to me, should be hard wearing, keep my hands totally warm, and hopefully last a good few years although if you’re anything like me you won’t be able to find them when you need them most. 

You can still order most of these now although make sure you ask for next day delivery, this is not a time of year to be taking chances.