Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Michael Kors vs Guess Connect - The Best Smartwatches for Glamour Girls

The best smartwatch for any girl who’s still attached to her ‘watch as jewellery’, as I am, has to be one that looks more or less like a watch but operates as a smartwatch.  And there have been – and still are - far too few of those. 

Take a look at most of the smartwatches on offer and they’re either obviously a piece of tech, or they’re very masculine in style and I don’t go for either, even the Apple Watch with its proliferation of colourful straps and watch faces.  I’m sure it’s brilliant, but I wouldn’t exchange it for the watch I wear every day.
Michael Kors Access SmartwatchGuess Connect Two Tone Smartwatch - Other ColoursMichael Kors Sophie Bracelet SmartwatchMichael Kors Hybrid Smartwatch
Guess was one of the first brands to launch, with Guess Connect, a smartwatch which actually looks like a regular watch and is clever with it and I’ve liked it from the start.  As far as the reviews are concerned it’s more watch than smartwatch but it’s still well worth looking at.

Michael Kors has reinvented the smartwatch for girls who want the tech and the glamour to go hand in hand, and at a reasonable price.  So you can have your fitness tracking, notifications and alerts, plus a changeable watch face, again at a reasonable price.  This will not be, again, the smartwatch at its very tech best, but frankly if I was in the market for one right now this is the watch I would go for.
Michael Kors Access Sophie SmartwatchMichael Kors Access Bracelet SmartwatchFossil Venture SmartwatchGuess Connect Smartwatch Pale Blue
I particularly like the Michael Kors Hybrid smartwatch which is a cross between a smartwatch and a normal watch, but then if I’m going to go for the bling with enough functionality to keep me happy (and it works with Android and iOs) I’ll go all out and get the Access Bradshaw Smartwatch – gorgeous looking and finally on my Christmas List…….