Monday, 11 December 2017

Useful and Clever Gifts for Coffee Lovers - From Coffee Machines to Grinders and the Amazing Minipresso

We’ve become a nation of coffee lovers, if not coffee addicts. There are some who don’t drink coffee, in fact I used to be one of them, but now I, probably like you, have to have a cup first thing and am rarely to be found sitting at my laptop or PC wherever I may be without my coffee mug by my side.

So this is an area perfect for finding a gift for the coffee lover near you and there’s such a wide choice and range of prices that there’s something for everyone. One thing you do need to know, if you’re going to give actual coffee, is what type of machine they use – beans or ground or pods – and what type of coffee they like.

Some coffee lovers gifts work for everyone, such as a modern designed coffee press, portable coffee maker and unusual coffee caddy.

In a large family that drinks a lot of coffee a bean to cup machine can be the best option as it will provide coffee quickly for everyone and to their taste. Pod coffee makers, such as Nespresso use pods which can become expensive if you’re making coffee for a lot of people throughout the day. If you know someone who has a Nespresso machine find out which pods they like the best and buy them dozens…. literally, there can be no beter gift.