Friday, 3 November 2017

6 New Favourite French Pharmacy Beauty Products and Where to Find Them in the UK - updated

No trip to France is complete without some time spent browsing the French Pharmacy beauty shelves. Happily most products are now available in the UK, mostly online, as more and more have discovered just how excellent they are, and for the main part at a lower price range than the superbrands. These are six of my favourites – all tried and tested.

Phyto’s Phytokeratine Spray is the first new product I’ve found that really protects my hair from blow drying and the elements whatever it’s doing outside and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Spray it on your hair wet and then blow dry, or on dry hair when your style needs a tweak – and you really need very little.

You should be able to find this at John Lewis and also, both sold out at the moment….enough said.

Bioderma’s face wipes are infused with their micellair solution (which you can buy in huge bottles and are much cheaper than many other brands) and excellent to carry around with you while travelling, or for a speedy but thorough clean at home. I’m never without them.

This Vinoperfect Radiance serum by Caudalie has been in the press recently and for good reason – for anyone who has sun spots or pigmentation on their face this is the solution – yes you have to use it every day for a few weeks to notice a difference but you will – and it’s rapidly becoming the No 1 solution for its radiance boosting properties. Another I’m never without.

Nuxe Body Scrub consists of 95% natural ingredients and does a marvellous job of smoothing the skin on your body. Not only that but it’s a whole lot less expensive than many other brands and comes in a huge tube that’ll last you a while. One to keep in the shower…

Another hero product by Caudalie, rapidly taking over from other brands on my skincare shelf – this doesn’t just cleanse your face, and cost less than most similar products, but it also leaves you with totally refreshed skin. Try this one and you won’t go back to your usual brand – I certainly won’t.

Filorga’s Iso Structure Firming Cream includes hyaluronic acid in its ingredients and is designed for anyone who wants a lifting effect to their skin on face and neck. As with most creams of this nature you need to be persistent with use, dotting around with other creams won’t give it a chance to work. But you only have to look at the reviews to see that work it does.

This are just six of my favourite French pharmacy beauty products, there will be more.

They may be slightly less expensive if you buy on a trip to France but not much. Happily these brilliant products are available in the UK. One of my favourite websites for beauty products is Look Fantastic who frequently have discount codes promoted on their website – they’re well worth checking out first. They also offer free worldwide delivery.