Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The top five moisturising beauty products every woman needs

If you want to survive the winter with soft and glowing skin it’s more important than ever to concentrate on protecting your skin from the elements, the central heating and changing from one temperature to another - and whatever else you're using you need additional or richer hydration everywhere from hands and lips to neck, face and body.

These are some of my favourite beauty products - best selling, tried and tested hand cream, lip balm, body lotion, neck cream and face cream.  So if you're missing anything you can start here.  I try and keep a tube of hand cream and a lip balm by my bed, in my bag and at my desk so I'm never without.

For all important body lotions,  slather on when your skin is still warm for best absorbtion, straight after a bath or shower and preferably twice a day. This is a beauty essentials you need if you're going to avoid dry flaky skin.

When you suddenly realise that you concentrate less on your neck and decollete than any other part of your body it’s really time to invest in a good neck cream. Really good neck and decollete creams can cost more than your normal moisturiser and for good reason, because it’s the skin that needs the most attention and that we normally leave until last. So make an investment and get double duty benefits from improved appearance and protection for the future.

Increase the richness of your face cream/moisturiser if your skin is on the dry side particularly in the winter months and make sure that you’re using a high quality moisturiser - it’s worth investing where your face is concerned, every time.

As at any time of year sun protection for your face is all important. So these moisturisers include SPF. I wouldn't use a daytime moisturiser without it so whatever you do remember to look for sun protection when you’re splashing out on your next face cream. You won’t regret it…..

The mantra for skincare in the winter months is moisturise moisturise moisturise. Forget it at your peril.  And buy the best that you can afford.