Monday, 9 October 2017

Our Unstoppable Love of Athleisure–What Exactly is it and How Far Should you Take it?

It used to be that workout or running clothes stayed at the gym or on the road, and that after that you changed into your normal daily clothes and went about your business.

Roll on Athleisure – the trend for wearing your workout type clothes to work or anywhere. A trend that has grown and grown into much more than a trend, more of a way of life. But should you really wear your workout clothes to work? Needless to say in some work places it’ll be fine to turn up in your yoga gear or track pants - however 'designer' and in others it won’t.

You may look at these pictures and think 'no definitely not for me' and for those who like to dress up all of the time to dress down like this would be anathema, but oh the comfort, and the knowledge that how you're dressed is considered fashion, and wearable in so many more places than it used to be.

There's a trick to doing this right, of course, you need not just the leggings/track pants and slouchy top, but also sneakers that look modern, a gorgeous bag (always helps) and a leather/denim/zip up jacket that brings the whole look together when you need to go up a level.

Because there are levels of athleisure even if they require changing just one piece, from the straight to the gym or yoga class version to the meeting friends for coffee version to the walking in the city version which definitely requires taking it all up a notch plus a large dollop of insouciance to what anyone else may be wearing.

Where footwear is concerned we’ve embraced the designer sneaker as being the major contributor to the athleisure trend. They’re comfortable, you can walk miles in them and best of all they almost encourage you to do just that. One of the huge upsides of athleisure is that you want to do more exercise by virtue of how easy it becomes.

For everyday life athleisure is brilliant, and even more so because now it's considered fashion – you can go slowly in that direction a piece at a time. Be warned – once you’ve embraced it it’s impossible to go back and be warmed by the fact that every mainstream and minor designer and brand is moving in that direction too. Athleisure is here to stay.

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