Monday, 30 October 2017

New Sephora Must-Haves and How to Get your Hands on them in the UK

There are very few international stores and brands that you can’t find in the UK – but beauty product heaven Sephora is one of them.

Sephora is the beauty store of choice just about anywhere else in the world. With stores in 33 countries, this LVMH owned beauty and fragrance chain was originally launched in 1969, unbelievably as a partnership between our very own Boots PLC and Nouvelle Galleries.

The flagship store on the Champs Elysees was opened in 1997, and the first store in New York in 1998. Now Sephora offers beauty products by over 100 brands plus its own brands in 33 countries around the world. Just not the UK…..

The joy of shopping and browsing in Sephora is that you don’t have to go to a single brand counter – as you do in most stores – but you can browse everything in peace in the same place, from Makeup for Ever to Lancome to Benefit to Sephora’s own brand, and there are testers for every product plus help at hand if you want it.

There’s news on and off that Sephora will once more launch in the UK (having had a minor launch and setback a few years ago) so we’ll just have to see. In the meantime you can order from both Sephora France and Sephora in the US.

Most of the beauty brands they offer are available online in the UK already and if you bring them in from abroad they’re bound to be more expensive when you take shipping, duty and the exchange rate into account..

One brand you won’t find in the UK is Sephora’s own brand that’s grown like topsy over the past few years, is well priced and definitely well worth investing in. The quality is excellent and they’re bringing out new products all of the time from masks to makeup.
It’s extremely difficult not to be tempted by the products on offer in the store – they cover every colour and every type of product so you’ll soon be loading up your little black Sephora basket.

My advice if you want to shop from Sephora from abroad is take a good look at their own brand and see what you can resist. Be warned, it’s a hard task not to want just about everything.