Thursday, 18 January 2018

Tech Treats for Phone Lovers

Because your mobile phone is no longer just your phone…’s your camera, your music maker, your office away from home (when you can’t take a laptop).

You need to be able to charge it wherever you are, link up a keyboard to it – one that fits easily into your backpack – listen to music with it, and take pictures with it.  Your mobile is no longer just your phone (repeated I know) – it’s so powerful it’s a mini computer as well, and most of use use ours pretty much all day, far too much some would say.
Gorillapod Stand for Mobile PhonesWide Angle Selfie LensWonderboom Bluetooth Portable Waterproof SpeakerBluetooth Pocket Keyboard for Phone or TabletLightening Cable to Headphone Jack Converter
So it’s no surprise that there are new developments in phone tech and accessories appearing all of the time, many of which are particularly useful at this time of year because when you can’t think what to give someone, give them something to do with their phone – but not something silly and useless, something really quite clever and that they may not have thought of themselves.  Seriously good mobile phone gifts always go down a treat.
iphone charging dockAnker 5000 mAh portable powerbank batteryFolding Keyboard with Stand for Mobile PhonesMini Mouse 4000 mAh powerbankBose On Ear Wireless Headphones
I go on and on about mobile chargers, but having had so many pinched ‘borrowed’ by friends and family (and friends of family) I will continue to do so as lighter and more powerful ones are released.
Bose SoundSport In Ear HeadphonesDevice Pairing Keyboard and StandTribe Star Wars Lightning CableRoberts Radio Portable Bluetooth SpeakerDesktop Smartphone Holder
This is just some of the new phone tech appearing now.  You really need to keep up – last years model of anything phone related simply just won’t do……