Thursday, 5 October 2017

Puma GTX Basket Hi Top Sneakers - Waterproof, Wonderfully Comfortable and On Sale!

Puma Basket GTX Hi Top Sneakers
Today I wanted to wear footwear I wouldn’t have to change from walking the dogs round the garden to working inside to going to the shops.  I bought my warm lined Puma Manilla nylon GTX sneakers a couple of years back and they have proved to be hard wearing, warm and immensely comfortable.  They’re still available on Amazon in size 4 if you want a pair, at a ridiculous price.  On my feet right now. 

Today on the Puma website I discovered that their Black Basket GTX High Top Sneakers not only have the Gore-Tex membrane that makes them completely waterproof, but they’re also half price.  Available in sizes 3.5 to 6.5. 

These are the perfect Athleisure sneakers for walking in wet grass to walking to the shops.  Ok so they don’t have glitter and stars all over them but frankly if you live in  the country and frequently need to go fast from country to town this is absolutely the perfect pair. 

If you want to go down the more  decorative athleisure route then take a look at these.  Having worn my metallic toe platform sneakers from last year walking for miles from cities such as LA to New York I can tell you just how comfortable they are.  And they get attention.  So for city walking put away your subtle sneakers – and your heels, who wants to walk distances in those anyway? – and slip into a pair of these.

Patent Puma Basket SneakersPuma Gold Platform SneakersPuma Basket Camouflage Print Platform SneakersPuma Suede Metallic Toe Sneakers - other colours
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