Friday, 22 September 2017

New Luxe City Sneakers for Walking Anywhere

Just in case you haven’t yet realised, recently a big divide has formed between the ‘trainers’ you wear to the gym and the ‘sneakers’ you can wear pretty much anywhere else, from city break walking to casual dinners out, shopping and more.
Which is good, in itself because they’re sooo comfortable and you can walk for miles in them but bad if you like to workout when you travel because you really do need two pairs – one pair of fashion sneakers to wear out and about and the other pair of trainers for the gym or running or whatever.  Rarely will a pair do both however hard you try and make them.
You can pay designer prices for a new pair of sneakers such as Giuseppe Zanotti’s lustworthy pale gold sneakers or go for something very inexpensive.  My go-to mid priced brands for sneakers both decorative and functional are Puma and Geox, both of which I have walked miles in and both of which I know will always be comfortable.  This season I’m also in love with Ash particularly their low top decorative sneakers.
Having said that, there are so many to covet.  My own shoe cupboard won’t fit another pair….yours?