Wednesday, 20 September 2017

iOS 11 Tips and Tricks

Yesterday I downloaded iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad.  As someone who is not a tech nerd but always wants the latest upgrades I thought I’d relay some of my experience and what you need to do first.iOS 11 Compatible DevicesOne of the things that makes life a little confusing is the different functionality for iOS 11 between iPhone and iPad so I’m going to split the information completely between the two, starting with iPhone.  There’s also so much going on for both that I’ve found it helpful to split it into individual components rather than try and take in the whole thing at once. 

The upgrade is much wider for iPad and less so for iPhone – these are things you need to know for both that will make life easier.

Before you start.

1.  Make sure all your apps are up to date
by clicking on the Appstore and then Updates/Update All

2.  Back up your phone into iCloud by going to Settings/Account/iCloud/iCloud Backup/Backup Now and wait until the backup is confirmed.  If you don’t use iCloud, which I sincerely suggest you do as your backups will be automatic, you can backup your phone into iTunes either wirelessly or using a cable and these Backup Instructions from Apple.

3.  Check to ensure your device is compatible with iOS 11 – see the chart above.
4.  Allow Enough Time – You can’t download iOS 11 in a hurry.  You should preferably be plugged in and with a full WiFi connection.  Then go to General/Software Update and you’ll see the new update.  Start the download. 

Control Panel iOS 11

5.  Customise your New Control Center Whereas in iOS 11 your lock screen and music center were on two separate screens, now they’re on one.  This takes a bit of getting used to but to my mind is a great improvement, and you can add features you want and take out others you don’t.

To customise your control center go to Settings/Control Centre/Customise Controls.  There you’ll find all the options – so you can add Wallet, Low Power Mode, Magnifier and Do Not Disturb While Driving (plus others) and remove anything you don’t want to see extremely easily.

Just swipe up from the bottom of your screen to get to the Control Center. 

iOS 11 Notifications Screen

6.  Get Used to the New Notifications Screen
Swipe down from the top edge of the screen to see all your notifications in one place.  On each on you can swipe up from the middle of the screen straight after unlocking it. 

On each notification swipe right to Open, or left to View, or Clear each one individually.  As before you can hit the X at the top of each day’s Notifications to Clear the lot.

If you want to change your notifications go to Settings/Notifications and set what you want and don’t want to see.