Wednesday, 13 September 2017

10 of the Best Instant Hair Revivers for Smooth Anti-Frizz Hair

Having just spent the past ten days somewhere where the hair dryer just didn’t make the grade, and so neither did my hair whatever I did, I decided to revisit my favourite hair products and have vowed never to leave home without at least some of them – and my hair dryer – again.  It doesn't matter how many beauty products you have with you when you travel - if your hair doesn't make the might as well not bother.
Philip Kingsley ElasticizerPhytojoba Intense Hydrating ShampooFekkai Technician Colour Cair ConditionerPhytobaume Express ConditionerMoroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask
Most of us have one or more issues with their hair – it gets frizzy, it doesn’t stay smooth, you need to have a re-dry in a hurry or wake up looking like you’ve just been through a hedge backwards and have no time (me).  The wish, of course, is to always have smooth, sleek hair (unless you’re untameably curly in which case you should probably stop reading this) that actually lasts.
Loreal Liss ControlPaul Mitchell Soft Style The ShineGoody Big Round Hair BrushT3 Compact Hair DryerKerastase Fluidissime Anti Frizz Spray
If you have dry hair, or coloured hair, or seemingly unfrizzable hair you’re going to want to invest in some or all of these products.  They all do the job brilliantly.  I particularly love Philip Kingley’s iconic Elasticizer for times when nothing other than an extra condition will do, Moroccanoil’s Hydrating Mask, Paul Mitchell Soft Style for a quick re-dry when I’m in a hurry (spray a little on dry hair and re-style) and my favourite of all T3 Featherweight Dryer.  It’s a big splurge but I promise you it’s worth every penny and will last you and travel with you for years.