Friday, 4 August 2017

12 of the Best of the Portable Wireless Speakers from Bose to Betron

More and more we’re watching TV shows and movies on portable devices such as tablets or laptops.  I know I do.  Frequently the built-in sound isn’t high quality enough to offer decent volume – so you need a portable speaker.  And if it’s for travel, you need one (or two) that preferably don’t weigh a ton.  So many sold as portable weigh 1kg or more, which could seriously hamper your luggage allowance.

You can spend as much as you want on a really good portable speaker by a brand such as B&O and if you do a lot of travelling, or want to use your laptop or tablet to screen movies, sports and shows regularly you may well want to invest.  These will get you great sound anywhere.  They weigh a bit more than the seriously mini speakers but they make up for it in quality of sound.

UE Roll 2 Waterproof Portable SpeakerBose Soundlink Mini II Portable SpeakerKit Sound BoombarSony SRS XB20 Extra Bass Portable Speaker - other coloursBeo Play A1 Portable SpeakerB&O Play splash resistant bluetooth speakerShockproof Waterproof Dual Audio SpeakerMinirig Portable Rechargable Bluetooth Speaker - other colours
There are also some excellent tiny bluetooth speakers perfect for travel when you’re under weight restrictions.  The sound won’t be as good as the ones above, but they’ll do the job very well.
Betron Wireless Portable SpeakerAnker Sound Core Mini Portable SpeakerMonster Hotshot Bluetooth SpeakerI Clever Mini Portable Speaker
Finally for those still addicted to their wired speakers I recommend these.  Still going after all these years – the X Mini speakers which you can link together and plug into your device.  They come in loads of different colours and screw down to make them even smaller for travel.
X Mini Jack Compatible Mini Speakers