Thursday, 17 August 2017

Beauty for Less–Pixi Beauty - New Skintreats and Glow Enhancers

Pixi Beauty is one of those brands that sits between the expensive super beauty brands and the cheap and cheerful.  Which is why it has become my go-to brand when I want a treat that I know is good quality and isn’t going to break the bank.

In the UK you can find the Pixi Beauty store in Carnaby Street, London, and in the US it’s widely available at Target.  It’s much easier to find online, both at and also at

Pixi Beauty Glow 02 Oxygen MaskPixi Glow TonicPixi Beauty Peel and PolishPixi Glow Peel Pads
The new Skintreats range by Pixi is well worth investing in.  The emphasis at Pixi is enhancing your natural radiance and I haven’t been disappointed by anything I’ve tried.

Pixi Beauty Flawless Glow PrimerPixi Beauty Skin TintPixi Beauty Illuminating Tint and Conceal SPF 20Pixi Beauty eye Bright Kit

Particular favourites this time around are the refreshing Glow Tonic, Glow-O2 Oxygen Mask and as always the Illuminating Tint and Conceal SPF20 partly because I love double/triple duty products and partly because this one is such an excellent product on each level.

Pixi is well worth considering the next time you want a skin treat that doesn’t cost the earth, and one which you know will work.