Thursday 31 August 2017

Labradorite jewellery and the all year round light changing gemstone

Labradorite is a fascinating iridescent blue green mineral stone frequently used in jewellery. You’ve almost certainly seen it although you may not immediately have known what it was.

The main feature of labradorite is that it constantly changes colour in different lights, similar to moonstone, and opals, which are rarer and tend to be much more expensive. As fashion jewellery accessories go, this is the perfect stone to wear all the year round.

Labradorite jewellery is appearing in more and more collections, particularly those of jewellery designers who specialise in semi-precious stones, from small artisan jewellers to much better known names.

You will find labradorite jewellery at the mid to high end of gemstone jewellery, set in real gold, such as this labradorite pendant necklace by Pippa Small, and Melissa Joy Manning’s labradorite and gold earrings and there are also collections of labradorite earrings, necklaces and bracelets for much less bank breaking prices.

With labradorite every stone is unique and will catch the light in a slightly different way, sometimes bright, sometimes greyish in tone, but it’s always unusual and pretty.

What I love about labradorite, apart from it’s wonderful light catching properties, is that you can find something really beautiful without spending a fortune. Take a look…….