Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How to do a Fast Perfect Pedi at Home

There are those who go to the salon every week for a pedicure. Then there are also those who simply don’t bother to look after their feet. Down with them. Sorry but it has to be said.

I’m one of those who wants to have looked after feet all year round, summer or not but I wouldn’t dream of spending 45 minutes or more each week in a salon to achieve this. It’s not just about the time, or the money, it’s about being able, with the right tools, to achieve pretty feet at home, when it suits me, for nothing more the initial investment in the right tools, a few nail products, and a little time.

The tools you need to use all the year round if you want to be able to spring into sandals as soon as it’s sunny outside are a good foot buffer to get rid of dry skin, a foot scrub, a great foot cream and an effective nail file. I use all of these. Regularly. Cracked heels, rough feet and badly trimmed toenails are unsightly at any time of year, even if you’re the only one who looks at them.

Having used these religiously all you need is a very good base coat, and I happen to like Jessica Rejuvenation, your colour of choice, a bottle of Seche Vite – still the best quick dry in my opinion – and Orly Flash Dry Drops.

Whatever products you use and whatever they promise you simply can’t have rock hard nails in seconds, however Seche Vite and Orly Flash Dry are the speediest nail setting products I’ve ever found. There are many more out there.

Once your feet are buffed and scrubbed and shaped – which let’s face it is an ongoing project, then changing or updating your pedicure just takes a few moments.