Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Essential Packing List for Every Fitness Nut

Running, walking, hiking, swiming or going to the gym, if you’re a fitness nut you may want to do any of these when travelling….anywhere.

Having just spent a week in Paris (swimming, walking, gym) and after a week in Sussex (hiking, walking, gym) I know full well the things I used all the time, some of which cross over from one activity to another and others which are only useful for one.

1. You need a great gym/lightweight walking/hiking bag.
My preference is one that goes cross body, as otherwise if it’s hot you can end up even hotter. My favourite is the Kipling Alenya bag. It's as light as a feather, you can take it on walks, use as your gym bag or up at the pool. And yes there’s a monkey key ring attached which I took off, but you may want to keep…. The Aleyna comes in lots of different colours, has loads of pockets and two end pockets for small bottles of water.

2. One pair of trainers for everything from walking, hiking and the gym.
It has to be said that a trainer or sneaker that will cope with most terrain, whether road, hill (or treadmill) is going to be heavier in appearance than your average workout sneaker. But if you’re a real fitness nut you’ll want to pack a pair of trail trainers because they do work for everything. These come in lighter colours as well but when it rains they’re so much harder to keep clean.

3. A swimsuit you’re happy to be seen in anywhere.
I never travel without my Michael Kors one-piece swimsuit. Not only is the fabric and cut designed to flatter, but you can equally swim your 40 laps of the pool or relax in the sun.

4. A sports bra you actually like.
Berlie’s underwired sports bra is the best I’ve ever come across – I dislike intensely those crop top like bras that flatten everything you have and you have to pull on over your head, or alternative underwired sports bras, most of which seem enormous.

If you can track down one of these in your size I seriously suggest you invest – they come in lots of different patterns and plains from simple black and white to modern prints.

Find these underwired sports bras at House of Fraser and also Mio Destino.

5. Leggings, Running Tights and Capris
I have found that Under Armour’s Running tights/leggings and Capris are in a lovely soft, non shiny fabric that washes perfectly by hand or in a machine – so important when you’re travelling – and always stays in shape. I travel with both a longer pair and capris for the gym.

6. Superdry Zip Hoodie, Walking Jacket, Go Anywhere Sportswear

I have this Superdry flattering, modern tech zip hoodie in every neutral available (ice grey, mid grey and black) because I like it so much. It’s lightweight, perfect for travel and works for the gym or walking anywhere. Superdry is a modern brand that’s going places and well worth investing in.

7. Lightweight Rain Jacket
No fitness nut is going to be deterred by the weather and Superdry have a lightweight wind and rain jacket. This packs perfectly and will keep you dry all day.

Barbour’s Trevose, lightweight fully waterproof jacket is longer and is another great jacket for avoiding the wind and the rain.

Finally take a look at Helly Hansen – a brand specialising in gear to keep you warm and dry. Their summer rain jacket comes in several colours and is great value for the quality you’ll be getting.

I’ve include several options here as I’ve found that good, lightweight rain jackets that really do keep you dry are quite hard to track down.