Thursday, 22 June 2017

The best keyboard I've found to use with a Surface Pro Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro

I’ve  had a Surface Pro 3 for a while now,  and thanks to the unexpected demise of my over heavy laptop I’ve started using it everywhere, home and away.

I’ve never liked the keyboard cover that you can buy with the Surface Pro.  I like a keyboard that I can type on at speed with highly responsive keys, and a separate mouse.

Joyaccess Compact Full Size Keyboard and wireless Mouse

The Surface Pro isn’t inundated with USB ports – just one on the tablet itself, and one, mainly for charging devices – in the power block, but this is such a fast and powerful device in its own right you really don’t need much more.  You can if you want invest in a separate power block with two fast USB ports, but as the Surface of course has Bluetooth I’m not sure why you would want to.

Everyone I spoke to, when I mentioned buying a new, lighter laptop, told me I was mad when I admitted my investment in the Surface Pro and now I agree with them.  Just add a seriously good keyboard that has all the keys, is stable, has low profile rubber pads and is excellent for fast typing plus a small highly responsive mouse and you’re away.

I’ll admit I have never heard of the keyboard brand before but having used it non stop for the past couple of weeks I’m in love.  And of course you can use it with anything, not just a Surface Pro.  At the current price of £26.99 this is a very good option.