Monday, 15 May 2017

From Swiss Watch to Smartwatch–Is it Time to Ditch the Rolex?

It seems to have taken an inordinate amount of time for someone to introduce smartwatches that don’t look so much like a piece of tech they couldn’t be anything else.  Let alone one designed with women in mind.  And nothing until now has make me want to consider a change to my favourite ‘watch as jewellery’ timepiece.

Michael Kors Black Hybrid Ladies Smart WatchGuess Connect Smart WatchMichael Kors Ladies Access Smart WatchKate Spade New York Ladies Smart Watch
Armed with smartphone, tablet and laptop I’ve been asking myself the question do I really want or need yet another device I first have to learn how to use, then update, then trade in for a newer model which will no doubt appear in a ridiculously short space of time?  The answer has always been no, and yet now I will admit to being tempted. 

The launch of the comprehensive Michael Kors Smartwatch collection, Guess Connected’s smartwatch range and new smartwatches from Kate Spade indicate that some designers are waking up to the fact that women want smartwatches too that look like watches rather than a piece of tech, and with the added functionality of a smartwatch. 

Apple Watch Series 2Samsung Gear 3Huawei Smart WatchTag Heuer Smartwatch

Fully fledged smartwatches, including the market winning Apple Watch, and Samsung Gear 3 plus highly reviewed Hauwei and Fossil Q just don’t look remotely feminine.  This is most likely because a much higher proportion of smartwatches are bought by men.  Then you have the top end of the market Tag Heuer and Breitling smartwatches – beautifully made but chunky timepieces.

I can’t leave out smartwatches by Skagen, Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani and doubtless by the time you’ve read this there will be more.  Most smartwatches will work with both iOS and Android so you can take your pick depending on the look you like. 

For me?  I’m still going to wait, as the technology is improving, smartwatches will have a longer battery life, work better with apps across the board and there will be more choice for girls.  However,  I would be quite happy to wear one of the Michael Kors smartwatches in the meantime.  If you want something remotely feminine this has to be the range to have a good look at.