Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Best Way to Condition Very Dry Hair

The best advice I’ve ever been given by a hairdresser was to ditch normal conditioners in favour of a conditioning mask and I’ve never looked back.  Whatever the season the elements, sunshine, air conditioning and blow drying are just waiting to dry out your hair.  Add to that having your hair coloured and you’re just asking for trouble. 

The added benefit of using a conditioning mask rather than an ordinary conditioner is that you may be able to go an extra day before washing your hair again.  The idea is not to leave the mask in for a long time, but just to quickly apply, comb through and rinse out. 

My four favourite Hair Conditioning Masks are these:

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating MaskNexxus Nutritire MasquePhytojoba Hair MaskLeonor Gryl Paris Hair Masque

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask –  Make sure you order the pot with the black rim rather than the ‘light’ version.  I find this hair mask is excellent and you can use it several times a week provided you don’t leave it on for too long.

Nexxus Nutritive Masque – The Nexxus masque does have a fragrance, but it’s quite subtle and pleasant.  Nexxus is a US brand that is finally available in the UK but it’s still quite hard to find.  It’s well worth trying out if you have dry or damaged hair.

Phytojoba Intense Brilliance Hydration Masque is my go to masque to buy in Paris where it’s less expensive - it’s now easily obtainable in the UK.  I really like the smooth texture of this mask and it produces sleek hair that lasts for more than just a day.

Leonor Greyl Paris Masque a L’Orchidee – this is the Rolls Royce of hair masques but the results are fantastic.  It’s worth the investment as the pot is quite large and a little goes a long way.  If you have serious problems with dry hair I would give this one a go.  Just don’t leave it out for the family to use…….
Fekkai Shea Butter MasqueAlso try:
Frederic Fekkai Shea Butter Masque – this one you’ll have to wait for as it ships from the US – however if you order more than one the postage price comes down per unit making it the most reasonably priced – it works extremely well and leaves you with soft and shiny hair for days. 

It’s about time Frederic Fekkai was easily obtainable in the UK – it’s an excellent US hair care brand.