Wednesday 5 April 2017

Eat Out in Paris and Europe for Less with The Fork App
Eating out is expensive, particularly in Europe, and if you've ever thought 'I'd really like to try..... but it costs too much' then install The Fork app and find out if the restaurant of your choice has an offer.

The Fork is a simple to use app - or website - where you can book almost any restaurant (not in the UK, note) and you can also search for restaurants offering discounts in the area you want to eat.  And there are loads of them.  From 20% off brunch to 50% off the a la carte menu at dinner The Fork will almost certainly have something on offer near you.

So you can search to find a great restaurant, or you can search by offers.  Another extremely good reason for using The Fork is that you will get the offer if you've booked through the app, and they'll check up afterwards to see if you a) received the offer and b) had to ask for the discount.

Last night I had dinner in an excellent restaurant near to the Etoile at Citrus Etoile.  I discovered the restaurant by chance, it was highly rated on both Google and Tripadvisor and was included in the Michelin Guide.  I then went and checked The Fork, to discover that they were offering 50% off the a la carte menu.  No reminder needed, 50% came off the bill.

This is all particularly good news bearing in mind the Euro/Pound exchange rate I'm sure you'll agree.  Now if we only had The Fork in the UK......