Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The Camouflage Company Cam’pouch–Favourite Travel Accessory and Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Camouflage Company Cam'Pouch

If you haven’t yet come across The Camouflage Company you’re about to. Recently they introduced into their collection the Cam’pouch, a stand up fold down zipped pouch that can hold just about anything and be ready for action at a second’s notice wherever you are.

You just stand it up, zip it down and it’s ready for action. No more scrabbling for things in your cosmetics bag. This is the perfect cosmetic bag.

I don’t often write about a single product but having travelled with this now essential pouch, usually stuffed full of eye liners, brushes, lipsticks and concealer - but can be used for anything you want - I thought you should have the chance, with Mother’s Day just a week away, of ordering one immediately. Or two. Because if you only order one you won’t want to give it away.

I would say that it’s best for things that stand above the fold because then when you unzip it you can immediately see and use what you want and you never need to unpack it.

I’m taking one as a gift for a friend in Paris next week, who has recently become a mum and is a regular traveller, and I’ve ordered another one for myself because this is the ultimate girl’s travel accessory. You can never have enough of a seriously good thing I know you’ll agree.

The Camouflage Company was established by two extremely clever (and photogenic) sisters a few years back, with an aim to effortlessly sort any storage problems you might have in a clever and attractive way. You’ll find their products both on the Camouflage Company website, on QVC and they’re now unsurprisingly going global.

Spend but a few moments on their website and you’ll probably have bought storage solutions for things you didn’t even realise you wanted to store. You have been warned……