Monday, 27 March 2017

How to Pack Like a Pro to Stay Fit on your Next Trip Away you’re one of those whose idea of getting away from it all means getting away from the gym as well then stop reading right now, this post isn’t for you.

On the other hand if you, like me, wants to keep it up while traveling but doesn’t want to overload your bag then this is the kit you’ll need, some of which can do double duty as casual day-wear if you want/need it to.
Trainers – you want them to be light, but the best trainers for traveling will do double duty for running, walking in town and in the gym.  My vote as always goes to the Nike Pegasus or Nike Vomero.  Yes you can find a pair of trainers an oz or so lighter, but the cushioning in these makes up for that and you can walk and run anywhere in them.

Now that it’s chic to be seen out in your trainers during the day the sky’s the limit when it comes to colours.  To cover all occasions I tend to stay neutral, but you can go as wild as you want….

Leggings.  For traveling I always take two pairs of leggings so that one can be in the wash.  Depending on the temperature of where you're going you may want capri leggings but remember that full length gym pants can do double duty as leggings and they're best if they're
designed to dry quickly. 

I particularly like Under Armour Favourite leggings which are not shiny and wash and wear extremely well.

Along with trainers and leggings the most important part of your travel gym kit will be a sports zip jacket.  This may seem obvious but you can wear this for most things, an extra layer for staying warm, getting to the gym, out walking or running and with everyone (who is anyone) wearing sportswear day in and day out this will be your best travel friend. favourite both for weight and a fit is Superdry's Gym Tech Zip Hoodie.  It must be, I have one in every neutral it comes in and never go anywhere without it.  This works for the gym and out and about and washes perfectly.  It's more technical than a normal hoodie but has a super flattering fit.  If you're a size 12 go for a medium.

Finally forget the traditional running jacket.  To make a travel jacket do double duty it has to be lightweight and chic enough to be worn with smarter clothes.  Superdry have a good sports mac.  Also take a look at Massimo Dutti and Zara, who often have short, modern sporty jackets with extra detailing and that all important hood....

I always take several fine cotton blend t-shirts which you can wear anywhere and everywhere.  Note the blend aspect.  Pure cotton can be difficult to wash and wear without an iron.  Workout and running t-shirts tend to be too stretchy and although they'll wash well they're not great for anything else.  So look for a cotton/modal/polyester blend.  Then you'll be set for just about anything.