Friday, 26 January 2018

Beauty Product Shelf Life–12 Things you Need to Know - Updated

How Long will your Beauty Products Last
It’s so tempting, if you’re a beauty product addict like me, to try different products each season which inevitably leaves you with a shelf full you’re never going to be able to use up in the time recommended because beauty products, skincare and makeup don’t last for ever. 

I automatically chuck anything that doesn’t look right, but I’ll confess if it does and it works I carry on using it.  I definitely don’t keep a note of when I bought something and automatically throw it out within a defined space of time.  Do you?  Thought not.  And if it’s expensive it’s even harder to throw something out.

This got me thinking, what are the actual recommendations for each beauty product type?  So I at least have the information to act on as I see fit.  We’re told that after a specified amount of time your beauty products will not be as effective and may cause infection.  Some in particular, so read on….

1.  If you notice any irritation when using a beauty product that you suspect may be past its best throw it away immediately.  

2.  Keep all beauty products in a cool place.  I’ve had more lipsticks melt on me than I can say, particularly in July, in Texas.  In any case away from the sun and not in a cupboard above a radiator.

Lancome Hypnose MascaraMarc Jacobs waterproof liquid eyelinerEstee Lauder Doublewear Gel Eyeliner

3.  Mascara and liquid eye liner
keep only for three months then should be replaced due to risk of bacteria forming in the tube.  Don’t ever share your mascara or liquid eyeliner no matter how generous you’re feeling.

4.  Gel Eyeliner – no more than three months as you’re constantly dipping a brush into it.  They tend to dry out quite quickly anyway.

Lipstick Queen lipstick in Pinky NudeStila Stay All Day Foundation and ConcealerCharlotte Tilbury Magic Cream MoisturiserNars The Multiple

5.  Lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner up to 2 years.  Lip liner may last a little longer as sharpening it refreshes the end.

6.  Foundations and concealers for about 18 months, the best longevity will be for those with a pump application so air doesn’t get into the bottle.

7.   Cream blush and creamy ‘multiples 12 – 18 months.  And thow out as soon as you notice a change in the texture, higher quality brands will probably last longer.

8.  Moisturisers 18 months to 2 years.  Obviously if you buy something gorgeous in a large pot and it costs you a fortune you’re not going to want to discard it.

Pixi Double Ended Eye Pencil Softly SmokeyUrban Decay Naked Palette 3 Butter London Nail PolishCharlotte Tilbury Airbrush PowderHourglass Ambient Lighting BlushVictoria Beckham Estee Lauder Bronzer

9.  Eye pencils
you can keep for up to two years – again you’re constantly refreshing the end.

10.  Powder eye shadows
will keep for up to two years.  Make sure you’re keeping your applicators clean.

11.  Powder Blush, bronzer and face powder will last for up to two years.

12.  Nail Polish should last 1-2 years but you can see immediately when it’s ‘gone off’ – it will go dry and separate.

If you can’t remember when you last used a beauty product throw it out – you don’t want dusty powders and dried up lip gloss at the bottom of your makeup bag.

It’s very tempting to think the cosmetic and beauty companies are trying to make us by more by putting use by times on their bottles and pots but in fact you do have to be careful.  Best indicators are a change in texture.  Best practice is to keep your beauty products cool.