Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Best App for Flight Tracking–Travel App Review

Flight View Screenshot 1If you travel regularly, and/or have family that does too, no doubt you want to keep to hand the details of flight arrivals and departures - that flight arriving from Houston with the son on board, your trip from Frankfurt to Heathrow, the friend’s flight from JFK that you’ve promised to meet.  Flight tracking is something that apps and your mobile have made easier than ever, although I’m sure I wasn’t the only one surprised and disappointed by the demise of my favourite FlightTrack app, which went without notice….as they do.

Having stacked up several flights in that particular app I needed to find a replacement fast.  What I look for is a flight tracking app is the following

It has to be simple to use,
I want to be able to search for a flight by airline, flight number and/or route,
See all the flights I’m tracking in one place
Get more information on individual flights including status updates

Having tried out several apps which didn’t quite meet my not onerous requirements I discovered Flight View, for which there are three versions.  FlightView Free,  FlightView and FlightView Elite. 

The free version I dismissed quite quickly as I’ll do anything to get rid of ads from an app.  It’ll do the business of storing and tracking your flights, but you can’t get away from ads for things you’re not interested in and a constantly changing screen footer.Flight View Screenshot 2

The basic FlightView gives you everything that FlightView Free does but without the ads.  It doesn’t appear to be on offer in the UK app store but costs $1 in the US store.  This is fine if you don’t want the bells and whistles that FlightView Elite offers for £3.99. 

FlightView Elite offers everything the other apps do - with no ads of course - and you can also see live departure and arrival boards of major airports with the ability to sort the information by origin or destination city, scheduled arrival or departure time or updated arrival or departure time. 

You store your flights by trips, giving each trip a name and then adding as many flights to each trip as you want.  You can search for the relevant flights by route or flight number.

Other Flight Tracking Apps
App in the Air (yes really).  I like the look of this app which has a very attractive layout however I like the Trips function of FlightView.  I’m going to try both for a while so I may come back on this one. 

Flight tracking has never been easier, so there’s no excuse for not getting to the airport on time…..