Monday, 27 February 2017

The Best Jeans for Curvy Girls

Picking out a pair of jeans can be a minefield – there are thousands of brands and styles to choose from.  If you’re curvy it’s even more difficult because you may find a pair that fits on the bum and legs just as you want them to but they gape on the waist at the back.  Why?  Because they were designed with a straighter body shape in mind.  Those jeans are not for you, but thankfully there are plenty that are from shapes with the curvy girl in mind to brands who specialise.

There are just a few things to keep in mind when buying jeans for curvy girls:
1     Look for a brand that specialises in jeans for curvy girls such as NYDJ
2     Go for a high rise jean.  If it’s designed with curvy shapes in mind it should sit on or very slightly below your waist and fit your waist properly
3     Look at the amount of Lycra, Spandex or elastane in the fabric – I prefer at least 2%
4     Go for a leg slimming shape such as skinny, slim boot cut or slim straight leg,
Much of the shape that suits you will depend on your height and how curvy you are.
5     Ignore fashion trends such as bell bottom jeans or wide leg jeans – these will only make you look wider.
6     Some mid rise jeans may work if you’re on the shorter side however as you can buy jeans from most brands in different lengths high rise nearly always is the best.

Madewell High Rise Skinny JeansMarks and Spencer Roma Rise Skinny JeansJ Brand High Rise Marla Skinny JeansNYDJ Bootcut jeansLee Scarlett High Waist Skinny Jeans
So is it necessary to pay a lot of money for a pair of designer jeans?  This will depend on how much you wear jeans, and also how you’re prepared to look after them.  Putting a £200 pair of jeans on a very hot wash and tumble dry will wreck anything, jeans included. 

Levi’s advice on how to care for your jeans is to spot clean if possible, turn inside out before washing, use a gentle detergent, cold wash and then air dry.  I put mine in a dryer on low for 3-5 minutes to get out the worst of the creases before hanging to dry.  Whatever you do don’t leave them there.
Paige Denim Hoxton Skinny High Rise JeansJ Brand Straight High Rise JeansPhase Eight Aida JeansNYDJ Slim Bootcut jeansOasis Stiletto Skinny Jeans
My favourite jeans for curvy girls (and for me) are by NYDJ.  They’re mid priced and specifically designed for curves.  Now available in all shapes and sizes you should have a good look here.  This US brand has pretty much cornered the market for curvy girl’s jeans although others are trying hard.
NYDJ Skinny Jeans NYDJ Black Overdye Skinny JeansM&S Collection High Rise Super Skinny JeansGerry Webber Perfect Slim Leg jeansLevi 721 High Rise Skinny jeans
Finally if you really don’t want to splash out you can head off to M&S and try their Roma Rise jeans.  The ‘how to care for’ rules still apply but you’ll hate yourself that much less if you forget about them in the dryer…….