Monday, 23 January 2017

Tintamar Handbag Organiser and 12 of the Prettiest Travel Makeup Purses

If you’re one of those who manages to spend a whole day out and about with just a lippie, credit card and mini hair brush on their person stop reading right now.  This isn’t for you.

If you’re like me, and you like to have your whole world with you, from phone to phone charger, sunglasses, headphones, makeup, mints, headache pills and wallet, then read on because there is an easy way, even for a tote that has no pockets at all.

Firstly you can go for a handbag organiser that holds everything in one place.  This may be the simplest way to swap bags, but I find it clunky if I’m looking for something in particular as I take the whole thing out to search.

Tintamar Handbag OrganiserTintamar have the original handbag organiser which comes in lots of different colours and several sizes.  The beauty of this is that nothing can sink to the bottom of your tote, and you can, as I said, change from one bag to another in a second.

The downside is that Tintamar bag organisers are quite expensive, but they are undoubtedly the best quality.  There are loads of cheap ones available, but they’re nothing like as nice as these.

Then moving on, and after trial and error, I have come down to carrying two small pouches – one for cosmetics and one for essentials plus my wallet in my tote so if I need something I only have to take one item out of my bag and I can still swap bags really fast.
Dolce & Gabbana printed canvas pouchPrada nylon cosmetics caseDiane von Furstenberg set of three satin pouchesLondon small cosmetics bagMichael Kors Glitter Cosmetics PouchMAC Street Scent makeup bagKatie Moxton gold makeup bagJohn Lewis black and gold cosmetics bagRadley Pocket Essentials Makeup BagGuess Floral Makeup PurseAspinal of London Cosmetics PurseTed Baker Floral Gardens Small Makeup Pouch
If you’re clever one of your make-up/essentials pouches will do double duty as a clutch when you’re travelling.  In any case make sure that whatever you choose is lightweight, durable and is going to look pretty when you pull it out to find something inside.