Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How to shop safely for beauty products on eBay - Safety Tips for Shopping Online

Shiseido Daily Bronze on AmazonThe price of most premium brand skincare can be painful, but when it’s your favourite moisturiser or body lotion you’re talking about you take the plunge and spend the money because this is something you really don’t want to be without.

According to a recent survey the average woman spends approximately £18,000 on beauty products in her lifetime.  For those who love their premium brand beauty products the figure is probably considerably more.  You can, as they say, have your cake and eat it, and buy those products you don’t want to be without for considerably less than the stores are charging.

Two places you can find premium beauty products for less are Amazon and eBay, but on both you have to know the rules and shop carefully before you buy.  Having said that, I have never had a bad experience on either, and have bought brands such as Clarins, Elemis, Clinique, Dr Sebagh and many more for much less than I would have had to pay in a store.Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Depending on what you’re looking for your first step is to find out what the normal retail price would be, and what the packaging should look like.

Then check to see if your product is available on Amazon.  It may well be, and may be less than the normal store price.  If you’re considering buying from a MarketPlace seller check out their reviews.  I almost always buy directly through Amazon.  That way if there’s any problem whatsoever Amazon deal with it.

After that head on over to eBay, where you may well find what you’re looking for
From a re-seller
From an individual who’s off-loading an unwanted gift or purchase.

Put the exact description of the product, including the size, that you’re after in the search box.

For every product you’ll find people selling sample sizes, packets, unwanted gifts and the product boxed as new at everything from a very good price to a ridiculously inflated one.  That’s why you need to know what the normal retail price would be.

Look for items where the seller has taken their own pictures and isn’t just using brand shots.

I only buy from ‘Buy it Now’ listings which are frequently with free delivery (in your country).  If the item is being offered by an individual there may be a postage charge.    I don’t bid for beauty products in auctions.  That’s just my preference.

Before you buy, look at the seller’s ratings and feedback and check for any negative feedback. If there’s any doubt whatsoever don’t buy;

Only buy products you know – making sure you’re getting the size and exact product you want.  There are so many listings for sample sizes and bad pictures it’s easy to get confused.

Be aware if you’re buying from a seller based overseas that you will probably have to pay duty when it gets here.  I have been caught by this…..once. 

Purchases should always completed through eBay using PayPal – don’t consider any other method if you want to be covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee.  If you’re fed a story that the seller’s PayPal account isn’t working, or they ask for a deposit, cut and run immediately.

I have bought products by many premium brands via eBay and have never, so far, been let down in any way.  But you do need to take care and think.  If you have a question email the seller via eBay.  Don’t conduct any correspondence any other way.  If you buy through eBay using PayPal or directly from Amazon, you have recourse should anything go wrong.  Otherwise you might find yourself on your own.

Read eBay’s guidelines on avoiding scams and buying safely