Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Boots and Gloves Designed to keep you Warm and Dry in the Serious Cold

It’s that time of year again when most boots and gloves simply won’t do if you’re trying to do anything outside.  This applies in town or country, when it’s icy, snowing or just frosty.  You’ll soon find that your sheepskin gloves, let alone wool gloves, won’t keep your hands warm enough and it’s totally out with the wellies – they’ll have your feet freezing in no time.  Dry maybe, but icy toes are not a good feeling

As someone who walks three dogs every day no matter the weather I’ve tried and tested loads of boots and gloves.  The gloves that work perfectly in this type of weather are softshell outdoor gloves, not as heavy as serious ski gloves and much more flexible.  These can take on just about anything:
The North Face Apex GlovesSealskins Dragon Eye GlovesMarmot Glide Softshell GlovesMountain Warehouse Escalade Softshell GlovesRAB Phantom Grip Gloves
As far as footwear goes you need waterproof plus a textile or warm lining.  The best by far are UGG’s waterproof boots – a pair of which are on my feet right now which I happily bought about four years ago – anything GTX or Gore-Tex with a warm lining and on to apre ski boots.  Avoid Moon Boots for walking about town unless you’re straight off to the slopes.
Ugg Waterproof Leather BootsUgg Elsa Waterproof Leather BootsPuma Goretex Snow BootSorel Cate Waterproof Nylon BootCalzat Fur Trim Traction Boot
Another pair of this year’s favourites are Puma’s Gore-Tex snow boots.  These have a really great sole for traction and will keep you seriously warm.  Currently on sale at Amazon.  Snap them up…..