Thursday, 10 November 2016

Warm Hands Warm Heart–Where to find your next pair of sheepskin gloves

Celtic and Co Sheepskin GlovesIt’s that time of year again, when you search in what you thought was your glove drawer for the pair of sheepskin gloves you thought you left there when it warmed up earlier in the year.  Only to find just one glove. 

At this point you know without a doubt that the other glove must be lurking in some forgotten pocket, of a coat that you haven’t worn for months, and may even have given away.

After a cursory search you decide that there is no Dents chocolate brown sheepskin glovesalternative but to buy a new pair, as not having gloves of the right kind – I mean those that will actually keep your hands seriously warm – is not an option, which means investing in a new pair of sheepskin gloves or mittens immediately.

UGG classic sheepskin glove - black alsoPopping out to a store and finding the ideal pair is not the way to go nowadays of course, you can have a pair of the warmest soft sheepskin gloves or mittens arrive at your door tomorrow if you want, depending on where you order them from.

My favourite picks are as follows:Celtic & Co sheepskin gloves in three colours, for high quality and reasonable prices – just see if you can resist the other sheepskin products they have….it’s really very hard

House of Fraser – for both UGG luxury sheepskin gloves, and Dents sheepskin gloves and mittens, which come in at a much lower price.

Any of these will keep your hands warm all through winter.  No they’re not good for snowball fights but for anything else they’re perfect.  And if you’re one of those incredibly clever people who always keeps track of their gloves each year then treat yourself to something really special, alternatively buy a less expensive pair so that you can replace them without a huge pang.

And I have extremely small hands so no, you can’t borrow mine, and they wouldn’t fit if you did…..sorry.