Saturday, 12 November 2016

Bobbi Brown's new collection of palettes and gifts - beauty review

Bobbi Brown always manages to launch the most covetable palettes and gifts at this time of year, containing shadows, blushes and brushes you’ll want to use all year round.

You could say that once you have one you have them all but that’s why they’re so clever, as the mix always changes and the packaging, frankly, is irresistible.  They’re perfect to tuck in your bag for touch-ups, and excellent as gifts for any makeup-loving girl.
Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Wine Eye PaletteBobbi Brown pink glow highlighting powderBobbi Brown Party to Go Lip and Eye PaletteBobbi Brown Pink Truffle Brightening Blush
The biggest problem is that you can’t wait with these, as they always sell out far sooner than you think they should, so if you fancy a new eye makeup palette, or you know someone who would love to be given one you need to buy it right away, as otherwise it will inevitably be sold out when you get round to it.
Bobbi Brown Golden Eye PaletteBobbi Brown sequin eye shadowBobbi Brown Cool Dusk Eye PaletteBobbi Brown Travel Brush Set
My preference is always to go for a palette with a brush, as then you don’t have to carry anything extra with you.  And the mini brush set which holds everything you need for a quick get away.  Almost too gorgeous to use……