Friday, 4 November 2016

Kenzo for H&M–Magical, Brash and Going Going Gone

Kenzo for H&M collection launched yesterday and their website crashed almost instantly.  So if you wake up this morning and think ‘I’ll order a piece of that with my coffee’ you’re quite likely to be disappointed.  Having said that there are new pieces arriving but seriously, snap to it if you want the chance to buy something.

It’s not easy to view the collection ‘as it would look on you’ online, so here’s Vogue’s Look-book feature published November 3rd and The Independent’s Look-Book feature, both of which give you more of an idea. 

Kenzo for H&M floral patterned skirtKenzo for H&M wool polo neck jumperKenzo for H&M patterned maxi dressKenzo for H&M Parka

The biggest problem, and why a lot of the stock has disappeared in a flash, is that eBay buyers snapped it up and are selling it at much closer to designer prices.  In fact some of it appeared on eBay before the launch.  Go figure… Don’t be tempted.  I don’t know how H&M can stop people from doing this, but it definitely spoils a great product launch.

If you want to get your hands on something right now your best chance is to order one of the accessories, just as brightly coloured and…dare I say it….far more wearable on a regular basis.

Kenzo for H&M patterned backpackKenzo for H&M patterned wool blend hatKenzo for H&M patterned socks three packKenzo for H&M patterned scuba pouch

Kenzo is known for a look which epitomises ‘East meets West’, using idiosyncratic bold, fun and colourful prints, frequently mixed together.  This, as you can see, is a collection totally not for the faint hearted.  But go for it if you love that look.