Monday, 7 November 2016

15 of the best portable phone chargers to keep you charged up on the move

Where charging phones are concerned there are two types of people.  Those who are happy to let their battery run down to practically zero and those who aren’t happy unless their phone is at 65%+.  Sounds obsessive?  Yes it is somewhat.  However I make no excuses for being one of the latter.  So you’ll never find me going anywhere without some device to top up my phone.

Having given away more portable cell-phone and tablet chargers than I can remember to kids and friends who still amaze me by telling me their battery’s run out I have a collection of these.  There are new chargers coming out all the time, with various speeds and abilities.  But there are three main things you need to look for when choosing which to buy; 

The power – which will be shown as mAh which stands for milli Ampere hour – or what the energy storage of your portable charger is. 
And the weight.
All decided by the usage you require – see below.

Lightweight portable chargers
Goji 2500 portable power packJuice Squash mini portable power bankBelkin Mixit 4000 portable power bankHyper Pearl 3000 makeup mirror and USB portable chargerTechlink Recharge 3400 Portable powerbank

Most stores tell you the mAh, but many don’t tell you the weight, which let’s face it is extremely important if you’re wanting to carry your new charger around with you in your bag.  Not much point if it’s too heavy.

Medium Weight portable charges -

Jacks and Cables 5000 union jack portable chargerPNY 5200 Portable PowerbankPNY outdoor portable charger 7800 mAhPNY Curve 7800 portable chargerAnker Astro 5200 portable charger

Understandably portable chargers with a low mAh usually weigh less than those with more so the first thing you have to decide is what do you want your portable charger for?

Extremely powerful but heavier portable chargers-

Anker Power Core 13000 mAh portable chargerRav Power 16750 mAh portable chargerJETech 10,000mAh 2-Output Portable External Power BankiMuto 20000 mAh portable chargerVinsic 20000 mAh portable power bank charger

Here’s how to choose:
Lightweight Chargers up to 4000 mAh
A day out – and just for your use with your phone?
A day out – but you can be sure one of your kids will need a charge too?

Medium weight Chargers up to 7800 mAh
A night away – mainly for you but you’re willing to share with the kids? And you’re not going to be carrying this one in your handbag.

Heavyweight Chargers up to 20,000 mAh
A long weekend away – when you don’t know when you’re likely to be able to get to a wall charger and you have cell-phone and tablet to charge. 

Make sure whatever you buy fits your needs and always check the weight.  If a website isn’t grown up enough to give you both the mAh and the weight don’t buy there.

Remember that you will need to charge these up regularly and they will take a while to charge so ideally charge your chargers up overnight.

Also you will need your own cables particularly if you use an iPhone.  So carry the charger with a charging cable at all times.