Monday, 3 October 2016

Twelve of this season’s best leather biker jackets

Once you’ve fallen in love with a biker style jacket you’ll never look back.  They add edge to anything you wear from jeans to a floral dress and always look modern. 

It also doesn’t matter what age you are.  Find the right biker jacket for your shape and that you feel comfortable in and you’ll find you wear it over and over again.  The important things to look out for are how bulky the jacket is, how soft the leather or suede, and the length. 

J Crew Leather Biker JacketKaren Millen dark red leather biker jacketReiss natural suede biker jacketKaren Millen leather biker jacket

There are so many leather biker jackets around that sit on or even just above the waist.  Move away fast unless you want to look like mutton dressed as lamb, even if the thing fits you.

Whistles Agnes Leather biker jacketAll Saints mushroom suede jacketReiss black leather biker jacketJoseph Ryder Leather Biker Jacket

There are also trillions of biker jackets in what may be called PU, faux leather (being polite) or fake leather.  This is fine if you don’t want to invest too much, and some of them are very good in terms of design, but they will never match the quality, longevity and feel of the real thing.

Mint Velvet navy suede biker jacketDenim wardrobe by Triloy calf leather jacketJaeger leather biker jacket Mint Velvet black leather biker jacket

My advice is to make your leather jacket an investment piece if you possibly can.  This is not something that won’t last, a good quality leather jacket will last for too many years to count.  You may get bored of it and want something slightly different or in a different colour, but it won’t wear out and a biker jacket won’t date.  Suede is always a bit more risky as it’s very easy to mark, although it does offer a softer effect.  The choice is yours.