Monday, 31 October 2016

Country boots to keep you dry and warm when you're on the move

This morning my – I thought – trusty ‘waterproof’ boots left me with soaking wet socks.  Which really annoyed me as I had thought this particular brand would be reliable.  So…onwards.  It’s  fact that only things that matter when you’re out on a walk in the fields or with the dogs, whether you’re a weekend walker or a dog walker - is that you’re dry, warm and comfortable and dry has to be the first requisite otherwise the rest is worthless.

Having done some extensive research a pair of Aigle Parcours 2 Iso are on their way to me, Aigle Parcours 2 Iso Wellington Bootchosen because they are stated to be waterproof – well they’re wellies, aren’t they – and warm and have a huge number of positive reviews.  I said I wouldn’t buy a pull on boot again but here we are so a boot jack is on it’s way as well.  Uttings have them in all the colourways at a reduced price.

Hunter Wellington BootsYou can of course go for a pair of Hunter wellington boots, but the basic boots are primarily for the wet, they won’t keep you warm, and personally I’ve never been able to walk very far in them.  Having said that you’ll find them everywhere including their idiosyncratic quilted version and they’re perfect if all you want is to stay dry.

Hunter Wellies come in lots of different colours from the original swampy green to glossy black and neon pink.  So if you love your wellies but don’t want to give up the colour, you can.

Then there’s the other end of the spectrum – Dubarry’s instantly recognisable country boots with a Gore-Tex membrane which will Dubarry Country Bootskeep you totally dry whatever you walk in.  Including a dry fast specially developed leather these boots will never let you down outside.  They’re expensive but they’ll last you for ever and you can buy furry topped boot liners to keep you warm.

Dubarry is the absolute top of the range country boot and you’ll find them in country neutrals black, brown and tan.  As I said, you can spot them a mile aLe Chameau Wellington Bootsway.

Le Chameau offer a stylish wellington boot that sits price-wise between Hunter and Dubarry.  Le Chameau are hand made in France with an adjustable fitting, a neoprene lining for warmth and an arch support, which may make them the best for walking distances in the wet. They come in black, brown and olive green and again they’re very recognisable.

Then there are the zip up wellington boot versions of the above.  Take a look at the Hunter Balmoral neoprene technical Hotter GTX tall bootszip boots in vulcanised rubber with an orthopedic last - lined for extra warmth.  Hotter’s Gore-Tex country boots come in both black and grey, and tan and country green and will keep you totally dry wherever you go. 

Le Chameau zip wellington bootsFinally if you walk a lot outside you might like to consider Le Chameau Chasseurnord wellington boots which have a full zip and dual density sole.  This is the top end of the range where wellies are concerned but they look superb.

There are other brands of wellington boots of course at much lower prices including those by Barbour – excellent, stylish and reasonable priced wellies - and Joules – think printed or covered with polka dots, all of which will get the job done.  My favourite of these are the Le Chameau wellington boots which look stylish, are designed for a good fit and have the capability of keeping you warm as well.