Friday, 26 August 2016

How to take your gadgets with you and still travel light

As someone who loves to travel (you may have gathered) and at the same time doesn’t like to be parted with any of her tech gadgets, I’ve done a lot of research on the best solutions to pack, fly, train or sit in the car for hours that’ll keep me on the go wherever I am without having to carry heavy stuff around.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4
As I’m off on a trip tomorrow – four stops over nine days followed by a short gap and then a trip to New York – I’ve left my hefty but brilliant HP laptop behind, and you’ll find me with the following: 

Note that where my Microsoft Surface Pro is concerned I have the Surface Pro 3 which I bought a year or so ago.  You may want the 4.  I also have a slim case cover by Moko and a small but extremely good (and inexpensive) TeckNet wireless keyboard and mouse rather than the case/cover that you can buy to go with – plus a Belkin slim protective lightweight sleeve to put everything in.  These are all excellent for travel.

Next up is my iPad Air and iPhone.  I’m sure you have variations of these – they make excellent travel companions.  But you also need the following:

RavPower PowerBank Portable ChargerAnker 5200 mAh portable chargerIGeek LeTouch 4 port USB wall charger with interchangable plugsl

I always travel with enough chargers to keep numerous gadgets working round the clock, although I am notoriously bad about sharing.  New to my arsenal is the RavPower 16750mAh Powerbank.  This means that when stopping for just a single night I can use this to charge everything rather than looking for a wall plug.  Having tried a couple of other seriously powerful portable chargers this one won the prize, it was by far the lightest and packs a decent punch charging wise.

Anker mini portable bluetooth speakerBetron B25 In Ear HeadphonesBelkin Speaker and Headphone Splitter
As far as music is concerned I am better about sharing.  So I always carry two pairs of in-ear earphones – I really like the Betron B25 in ear headphones not just because they look nice but for a cheap pair of headphones they do block out quite a bit of external sound. My Bluetooth mini speaker on my next trip is by Anker – and you’ll be amazed at how much sound such a small speaker can make.  I also carry a Belkin headphone splitter – it’s tiny, weighs nothing and is sooo much better than trying to share headphones. 

All of which mean I can share my music on the go.  If you ask nicely, that is.