Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Beauty Review - French Hair-Care Discoveries for Very Dry Hair

Phyto Elixir MasquePhyto Paris has become my all time favourite brand for dry hair, because it really works and because the products are based on natural botanicals. 

Just released is Phytoelixir, taking their excellent Phytojoba shampoo and masque to a whole new level phyto Elixir Shampooincreasing long lasting moisture and shine.  I’ll keep using Phytojoba as my go-to shampoo and masque, but when it’s hot and dry outside, or you need extra hydration Phytoelixir is an excellent alternative and well worth trying if your hair is particularly dry.

Phytoelixir shampoo and Phytoelixir Nutrition intense masque contain macadamia nut oil and narcissus flower wax and are sulfate free. 

I always think it’s going to be so much less expensive to stock up on Phyto products wPhyto 7 Hydrating Creamhen visiting France however, if you order them via you’ll find that the products are less than in most stores here even when you add in delivery to the UK.  Not to mention that Phytoelixir is so new it hasn’t reached the UK yet.  Who doesn’t like to be the first……?  So go for it.
Finally another seriously good product from Phyto is their Phyto 7 Hydrating Cream.  Use this to control frizz and give added shine before blow drying. 

Armed with these three there’s no excuse for dry hair whatever the weather and wherever you are.

If you do order from in France the delivery charge stays the same even if you order several of each product, so it makes a lot of sense to stock up.