Monday, 18 April 2016

6 Clever Healthy Eating Gadgets every Cook Needs

Healthy eating gadgets are everywhere and in abundance.  But which should you invest in and which ignore?  Personally I’m only interested in the ones which not only make life easier, but food more tasty – it’s far too easy to fill up your kitchen counter space and drawers with gadgets you don’t need, never use and end up collecting dust.

These are the six I wouldn’t be without.  My new favourite being the Nutribullet, now happily on discount after the Christmas rush.  Don’t settle for anything else.

1.  Nutribullet 600 Series Blender – on offer from John Lewis
This was the best price I found anywhere and well reduced from the pre-Christmas high.  This is not the all singing all dancing version, but if you want to make simple and healthy smoothies and shakes it’s brilliant.

All you do to make it work is fill it up, screw on the blade cap, place it in the slots and push down.  It works immediately.  If you want to go for the 15 piece Pro 900 series then click through here.

2.  Spiralizer
When I first saw this being used I was extremely sceptical.  Just another gadget I thought.  How wrong I was.  For example - If you don’t want to fill yourself up with carb filled spaghetti you can have courgetti instead and top it with your favourite sauce or pesto.

The Spiralizer works on lots of different vegetables and fruits and is great for a healthy lifestyle.  I still think its best purpose is courgetti, and I’m guessing that that’s what it’s used for most of all.  Be aware you can if you’re not careful cut yourself on the blades. 

The really good thing is that this takes seconds to set up and you can have your courgetti spaghetti much faster than boiling pasta.

3.  Herb Keeper

This cleverly designed herb storer has a water well in the bottom and keeps herbs fresh for 10 days longer than normal.  Easy to open and close and it’s dishwasher safe too.

This is perfect for those who like to use healthy fresh herbs every day but want them to last a bit longer.  And so much better than the dried versions….
4.  Oil mister spray
When you pour it out of the bottle you can so often get more fat in the pan then you intend to.  This oil mister spray is refillable with the oil of your choice, and allows you to spray a thin coating or exactly as much as you want, where you want it.

I really like the clean design of the one shown, but you’ll find alternatives here at Lakeland, and a different oil mister spray here at John Lewis.

5.  Universal steamer
No more resting the colander on top of a saucepan or needing to invest in an expensive steamer set.  This universal steamer from Lakeland with its own close fitting lid turns any 18 or 20cm saucepan into a steamer, and is suitable for any type of hob.

The temptation is always to plunge your veg into a pot of boiling water and have done with it.  It’s quick and so easy.  But using a steamer is more likely to retain the nutrients of vegetables such as broccoli and beans, and they taste better too.  Just don’t let them go past the bright green stage, and rinse quickly under the cold tap to keep them that way.  There’s nothing worse than overcooked veg don’t you think?  Personally I eat most of mine raw.  Second choice?  Steaming them.

6.  Cole & Mason Hachoir and board – herb chopper, or Gude Chai Dao
This is a very good and easy way of chopping herbs, and comes with it’s own concave surfaced board.

Personally I like to use lots of different herbs at the same time, so I need a larger board, and I use a Japanese knife called a Chai Dao, by Gude.  So if you do a lot of chopping you may well want to invest in one of these, it’s a rare knife, beautifully made, and makes extremely short work of chopping.  It’s also a brilliant wedding present to someone you know who loves to cook.