Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Hidden treasures – unique labradorite, amethyst and quartz jewellery–10 pieces for the new season

There’s a certain time of year when buying something new clothing wise just doesn’t really seem to work – it’s still cold and wet outside – buying spring and summer fashion doesn’t work yet, and no one wants to continue to go through the sale rails, in the stores or online.  Last season’s coats, jackets and dresses just seem….so….well…..last season.

Labradorite woven pearl pendantLabradorite leaf hoop earringsCape amethyst ear threadsPink quartz and labradorite tusk earringsPink quartz pendant and drop earrings

So this is an excellent time to treat yourself to a piece of beautifully made jewellery using stones such as labradorite, amethyst and rose quartz.  Glowing, colourful and wearable day or night the trick is to invest in something you won’t find most people wearing, which isn’t always easy to do, particularly if you’re browsing the high street or major department stores.

Green amethyst pendantLabradorite drop earringsCherry quartz cluster earringsAmethyst tulip pendantAmethyst cluster earrings

Not only that, you can find hidden treasures that aren’t over priced and which incorporate unusual designs and high quality stones.  Two such jewellery designers are Sarah Hickey and Mounir London

Labradorite is a wonderful green/blue stone that changes colour in the light and glows from within.  As with all semi precious stones expect to find that each stone is slightly different.