Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Three great places for lunch in London

If you're in London and you like the sound of going somewhere special, not necessarily expensive, for lunch then you might like to consider one of the following, my three favourite places to have lunch in the centre of London.

All three are close to Oxford Circus or Picadilly Circus and very easy to get to by tube.

1. Milos London. I've written about Milos previously, and this is a picture from my original blog. Arrive at the imposing arched wooden door down in Regent Street St James and you may well be worried for your wallet. Milos a la Carte is most definitely not inexpensive - neither is the set lunch at £30 but when you take into account the amount and marvellous quality of the food you you can see immediately you're getting bang for your buck.

Expect to be surrounded by smartly dressed business people, mainly men and of Mediterranean origin. So no surprises there.

Milos London - 1 REGENT STREET ST JAMES’S, London, SW1Y 4NR  +44 020 7839 2080
Nearest Tube Station - Picadilly Circus.

2. Nopi Warwick Street. Nopi is my new favourite place for lunch from the Ottolenghi stable. It's the first of his restaurants I've tried and having already returned twice I can happily recommend it. Here there is no set lunch, they encourage you to share the dishes, some of which are expensive and some not. Provided you don't go mad you can again expect to spend about £30 a head, excluding drinks.

Try the crudités with his avocado dip, the sweet potato and aubergine, the seared tuna (but make sure you're sharing) and the chargrilled broccolini. The temptation to order too much is there every step of the way and it's all so delicious.

Expect to be surrounded by fashion people and those in the know.

Nopi Warwick Street - 21-22 Warwick Street, London W1B 5NE, Tel: 020 7494 9584.  Oxford Circus Tube Station

3. Francos Jermyn Street.  Finally somewhere I've been to countless times and return over and over again - Francos in Jermyn StreetThe set lunch here is reasonably priced, beautiful quality, always tasty and always there's enough food. As usual stray off the menu and you can spend far more. Another one I've written about before.

You'll be surrounded by business people, ladies who lunch, and those who've been having meetings all morning, as Francos is open from breakfast to dinner.

Francos Jermyn Street - 61 Jermyn Street | London | SW1Y 6LX | Tel:020 7499 2211.  Oxford Circus Tube Station or Green Park.