Sunday, 10 January 2016

Two ways to get rid of default iPhone apps and which is best.

App Icon !You know the apps I mean, Stocks, the Health App, Reminders, Find Friends, Podcasts, iBooks and Watch etc - apps that you’re stuck with from the moment you get your new iPhone plus those which appear after various updates.  I have 10 of these at the moment.

Method 1.

There is a way in which you can actually hide these apps so that they don’t appear at all. Follow these steps:

1.  Hold down one of your app icons so that they all start to jiggle and you’re in Edit mode, where you can move the apps around onto different pages and folders.

2.  Create a folder into which you place all of the apps you want to hide.

3.  Hold down one of these apps and slide it to the right to a new page, then place it top left on that page.  Some instructions leave out this step but I found if I went too fast the whole process didn’t work.

App Icon 2
4.  Click on it again and move it to the right to another free page (there will now be an empty page in between the bulk of the apps and this one)  At this point keep holding it down and also hold down the Home button.  It should fly off out of the top left hand corner.  If it doesn’t you may have gone too fast and so do this procedure again.  At the end of this process your unwanted app folder should disappear as well.

There’s no question that this works, but, and it’s a big but to me, as soon as you have to restart your phone they all fly back, independently, and you’ll need to go through the whole process again.

Method 2.

This is a bit more basic, but you won’t be bothered by your default apps whether you restart or not.

Simply follow steps 1 and 2 above to create a folder of unwanted apps.

Then hold down a folder so that all your apps go into edit mode, and slide the whole folder as far over to the right as you want, onto an empty page.  I leave a blank page in between.

That way they’ll be there when you restart or not, and they won’t come back to bother you on your home page.

Hopefully one day Apple will allow you to choose to permanently delete its default apps if you don’t want them, but that day isn’t here yet, and to me Method 2 above is by far the best intermediate solution.