Sunday, 26 February 2017

How to pack like a pro–10 essentials for travel addicts

No one will ever accuse me of travelling light, nor of not having every gadget, travel accessory or tech necessity on hand wherever I go, long break or short.  I’ve narrowed the essentials down which go with me everywhere, and make light work of everything from one night hotel stops, weekends away or the longest of trips.  These are the travel essentials I always keep at the ready.
Orla Kiely Hanging Wash BagThe hanging toiletry bag is an absolute must because makes travelling so much easier.  No more digging out your toiletries or cosmetics, you can see them all straight away and just leave it hanging up in the bathroom.  Stock it back up at the end of each trip so you can be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

Go Travel Squeezy Travel BottlesI like to take my own toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, body scrub etc with me when I travel. These squeezy bottles make light work of this requirement.  You’ll also find some very good ones at Target in the US and at Muji.

USB 4 port international wall chargerRAV Power portable chargerElectronics and cable organiserWhen it comes to keeping phones and tablets charged I’m obsessed because I really dislike running out of charge.  (Ok I’ll admit it, I don’t even like being half charged).  So I have a portable charger, 4 USB international wall charger and a special little case to keep all the cables and chargers together on the move. 

Usually I have an extra mini charger in my handbag and no I won’t share and as I said, I’m obsessed.  This comes with its own charging cable (micro USB).  If you’re tempted to carry some independent lightning cables with you (which I do) make sure they’re Apple certified and not just the cheapest you can find.  The latter frequently don’t last.  Go for a brand such as RAVPower.

go Travel Packing BagsGo Travel Weigh Me Travel ScalesLongchamp large foldaway Le Pliage bagPacking can be tricky if you’re making lots of stops which is where these packing bags come in.  They keep everything together very tidily and you can use them again and again, as you can the essential luggage scales.  Having been caught out with an extra bag fee on the way back from New Mexico to London I vowed it would never  happen again.  Make sure you take them with you. 

Finally Longchamp’s lightweight Le Pliage fold-up black nylon travel bag is perfect for any extra shopping you might do.  Sturdy and hardwearing there are lots of copies, but none of the others are as good as this one.

Aspinal of London Travel Wallet and Passport CoverAspinal of London Travel wallet and passport cover.  This is definitely a little luxury and one that will last for years so it’s worth spending a bit more on.  And best of all it’s red, which means you won’t be delving around for a dark coloured passport cover or wallet in your tote. 

You definitely need somewhere to put all your documents, tickets and boarding passes, and to have a separate cover (red, again) for your passport is a real bonus. 
Liphault City Plume Duffle with Smart PocketThis is a perfect travel companion. By Liphault of Paris their travel duffle has a ‘smart sleeve’  that allows you to slip it over the handles of your wheelie carryon, masses of space and interior and exterior compartments. You can use this (and I do) as your in-flight hand bag, general tote, shopping bag and gym bag. 

Selfridges has a large part of the Liphault range, they do very good wheelies and duffle bags as well, all in extremely high quality and frequently colourful sturdy and colourful nylon.

Whether you’re an incredibly light packer – one business friend of mine can pack for a two week conference with just a carry on – or like me and want to make wherever you are home with your favourite things, it’s good to have tried and tested travel accessories to hand which will help you either way………

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