Sunday, 28 January 2018

Fitness fashion goes hyper warm so you can workout in the cold–Updated

It’s now official – you can (and should) be seen wearing your fitness gear to the gym, to get the groceries, to pick your kids up from school, to go out for lunch or coffee and to relax in generally.  But in the colder months you need to think a bit harder about what you're going to wear, making sure that it not only keeps you warm but is wearable for a run outside and/or a trip to the gym.

Several sportswear brands have created ranges specifically for those who want to brave the cold, particularly Nike with its Pro-Warm range and Under Armour with ColdGear – these are the pieces to collect if you’re not going to hold back in the freeze.  Best of all wear several layers so that once you’ve warmed up you can take something off and tie it round your waist.

Nike Pro Warm Dri Fit Stretch LeggingsUnder Armour Cold Gear Reactor Running JacketUnder Armour Mirror Breathe Hi Rise LeggingsFalke Ergonomic Wool Blend Top

The problem with all of this is that once addicted to the appeal of sportswear – stretchy, streamlining, flattering – you’ll never want to take it off.  Add into this the sports clothing that’ll actually keep you warm, and you’re pretty much set. 

Lifestyle sportswear has never been so good, and all you need to do to keep it versatile is to swap your long sleeved top for a gym top if you change the type of exercise you want to do.

Sweaty Betty wool blend run topUnder Armour Cold Gear Reactor LeggingsNike Essential Filled Running JacketUnder Armour Cold Gear Printed Leggings

One thing I would say is that if you’re remotely tempted to go walking or running outside as it’s turning dark, make sure that you wear at least one item that can be seen easily, and/or carry a torch.  It’s too easy to get set and go when it’s daylight and end up, black from head to toe, in the pitch dark…..

Under Armour Cold Gear Mock Neck TopNike Pro Warm Stretch Jersey TopNike running vestPerfect Moment Thermal Stretch Top