Sunday, 3 January 2016

3 things you should never buy in the sales

The sales have been going for a while now, for ever it seems, and we’ve become so used to discounts off so many things that we now expect them. 

There are a few tech brands and items that we’ve become educated about so we expect to pay full price most of the time, but when it comes to household things, appliances, clothes and accessories, the discounts are there, waiting to be had. 

Where clothes and accessories are concerned there’s a short list of three things you should never buy in the sales, whatever the price…

Adriana Papell metallic lace sheath dress1.  Don’t buy something that is not in your correct size, in the hope that you’ll be able to squeeze into it in a few months time.  You may, or you may not – if the latter, your money will be wasted.  We’ve all done it, and I say squeeze because it’s usually pre-diet, or as an incentive to lose weight.

It’s a fact that frequently you’ll spot something at a great discount in the sales and it’ll only be available in a size 8.  If you’re anything other than that size leave it alone and go for something in your right size.    Duffy two tone cashmere cardigan

2.   Don’t buy anything, luxury or otherwise, in a colour you don’t normally wear.  Expect to find tha
t dark purple cashmere blend coat in the cupboard in a few months/years time and rue the day you ever bought it.  We tend to wear certain colours, colours that we know suit us.  Don’t stray, particularly for a ‘too good to be true’ discount.

Michael Michael Kors Bedford Leopard print clutch3.   Don’t buy tat in the sales.  If it started off cheap, and it just got more so, it’ll still be on your throw away pile shortly.  There are so many great bargains around.  It’s far better to buy one beautiful item than twenty that are, again, too good to be true, price wise. 

Look for brands that rarely go on sale such as Michael Kors – you’re more likely to find bargains online. And when you find something you love, grab it.