Monday, 7 December 2015

Shearling jackets–this year’s 10 of the best by Joseph, Reiss, Celtic and more

Celtic reversible curly sheepskin jacket
When it comes to keeping warm in the freeze there really is nothing like the real thing, call it shearling or sheepskin, which usually depends on how soft the fur is, with sheepskin being rougher and shearling, long or short haired, softer to the touch.

To help clarify what you’re buying and if you want to know more, here’s a US based guide on the different types of sheepskin and shearling.

Celtic reversible merino shearling jacketMQ Alexander McQueen distressed shearling jacketCeltic shawl collar sheepskin long jacket

Needless to say shearling jackets don’t come cheap, if they do they’ll be faux so don’t be taken in.  Faux shearling jackets look and feel like the real thing until you compare them side by side when you can feel the difference immediately – and a real shearling jacket will last for ever.
Reiss shearling biker jacketCeltic sheepskin flying jacketJoseph Toscana shearling jacket
The great thing about this season is the difference of styles and colours, from modern to traditional and colours from black and dark brown to tan, grey and graphite.  Celtic is a great place to have a browse for a shearling jacket or coat, along with Reiss who have some lovely faux fur as well – more about that to come… Then there are the designer shearlings where you can expect to spend a lot more.  Joseph also has beautiful quality shearling jackets and coats.
Tory Burch reversible shearling and leather jacketReiss sheepskin aviator jacketKarl Donoghue shearling jacket
Many of these will sell out as soon as it’s really chilly, and before Christmas – as who wouldn’t put one of these on their Christmas list?  An investment?  Definitely – but you’ll never regret it.