Monday, 23 November 2015

Sheepskin gloves make that freezing cold day just that little bit better

Perilla sheepskin gloves
On a cold day, and particularly a frosty morning, there’s nothing like slipping your hands into a pair of sheepskin gloves.  Nothing else will keep your hands as warm as these, and not only that but you can drive in them, walk the dogs in them and go out on the town in them.
Celtic Sheepskin Gloves
But it’s at this time of year, when searching frantically for last year’s pair, or pairs, that I usually discover one, balled up, in the pocket of the coat I wore last when it was freezing outside, its mate lost, quite possibly for ever.

You can go two ways with sheepskin gloves – if you’re buying them for a gift, or you’re one of those people who never loses such things you can happily invest in a special pair knowing that a) you’ll be mNordvek sheepskin glovesaking someone very happy and b) that you won’t have to worry about wondering where they are as you always put them in the hall/on your chest of drawers/in the glove drawer and they’re never going to be chewed by the puppy, dropped and lost outside or disappear under a car seat never to be found again.UGG sheepskin turncuff gloves

Alternatively you can be like me, knowing that you need several pairs to have about the place, so that there’s always a pair available when you need them.  I do find that, usually, the wandering gloves will return at some stage during the year, but it never hurts to have a new pair to hand, as it were.

My favourites for ‘replacement’ gloves, as it were, and the ones I always buy each year for my kids, are Nordvek’s sheepskin gloves.  They’re beautifully warm and incredibly good value.  They also come in different colours.

If I was to be given a pair as a present I would want Perilla’s curly cuffed sheepskin gloves by Shepherd of Sweden, the only thing I know for certain is that my puppy would be tempted as well, so they’d have to be carefully looked after.  But then so do most things that are very special.  So those are on my Christmas list.

With this range of prices there’s really no excuse not to have warm hands this winter, nor to not make someone very happy this Christmas.