Monday, 9 November 2015

Top tech gadgets for travel addicts

Most of want to to travel and take our tech gadgets with us, but how to make sure that everything will fit into your carry-on, and still allow you to take wide angle pictures, stream music, write blog posts, send emails, share movies with friends, listen to music and stay charged on the go?
Microsoft Surface Pro 3Tecknet slim USB keyboard and mouse with UK keyboardiPad Air 2 64 gbBelkin Rockstar headphone splitter
Microsoft’s brilliant and lightweight Surface Pro 3 (the Surface Pro 4 isn’t quite out yet, and there are some good deals to be had on this one) is excellent for travelling, lighter than your normal laptop and less expensive than the competition, you can use it as a tablet, pair it with it’s own key cover – which you have to buy separately – or invest in TeckNet’s very light USB keyboard and mouse which to me are much more comfortable to use.

Recently travelling from Avignon via Paris to London on the train I watched movies on my indispensible iPad and shared them via what has now become and essential travelling piece of kit – a splitter.  No more sharing of earphones, one ear each.  This solves the problem of quiet sharing perfectly.
Sandisk 64GB portable media driveClip on smartphone camera lens4 Port USB Travel Charger with interchangeable plugAnker Astro Mini Power Bank Charger with lightening and USB cables
The SanDisk 64GB portable wireless media drive will allow you to store endless photos, music, movies and tv shows and then stream them to up to five devices without any wires, even from the overhead bin.  The clip on smartphone MPOW camera lenses help you widen your photographic skills with wide angle, close-up and fish-eye lenses, all of which you can carry in your pocket clipped neatly together.

To charge up four devices I can recommend the Porta Pow 4 port USB charger with interchangeable wall plugs.  I’ve taken this one with me everywhere for several years and it’s never let me down.  For pocket sized charging on the go Anker’s lipstick sized USB charger is excellent, and it comes with both lightening and micro USB cables.  Charge it up and take it everywhere with you.
PNY 5200 Powerpack USB ChargerApple MFi certified keyring USB lightening chargerX Mini portable speakersBetron noise isolating powerful bass earphones
Finally the PNY 5200 portable charger will give you a more robust charge, and is slightly heavier than the Anker charger although still light enough to take around with you and the Avantree keychain mini USB charger will make sure you never leave your charging cable behind again. 

I can’t praise enough the X-mini clip together portable speakers.  The sound they make is far stronger (bass included) than you’d expect from their size.  They come with a USB charging cable as well.  And I’ve just started using Betron’s earphones which have a very good sound when you take into account the price and are better than many that cost a great deal more.
With tech gadgets becoming more and more lightweight and able to do so many things, can you afford to be without any of them?    Top that with the fact that these are brilliant gifts and we’re coming up to Christmas fast, and here’s your tech, and some of your Christmas shopping sorted in one go.